Recent Before & After Photos

Refrigerator water line leak and break

A refrigerator supply line broke and was leaking under the kitchen sink for sometime. The homeowner noticed when water was steadily coming from the below kitche... READ MORE

Burst pipe and mold damage

This home had a pipe that broke and was leaking below the house for a couple of months. When they found the source (being a broken pipe), they noticed mold had ... READ MORE

Refrigerator water line gone wrong

In this special case this customer had a refrigerator water line break. It had pumped water throughout the house. Our crew came in and helped extract a sizable... READ MORE

Dog injury clean up

Maui is an American Bulldog who suffers with extreme anxiety of being left alone. Justin and Ana are his owners and were at work when Maui tried to escape. He b... READ MORE

Bio hazard toilet backup

This insurance claim had a backed up toilet that caused category three water damage to three major areas of the insureds home. The powder room, the adjoining bo... READ MORE

Water, front door entry

This was a large water loss in Puyallup that was caused from a broken valve on a water heater burst and pored water throughout the house. The following rooms we... READ MORE

Mitigation and mold

This damage was the cause of a leaky water heater pipe over a period of a week and a half. It affected two bedrooms, and a bathroom. In this picture you can see... READ MORE

Fire damage to functioning game room

This was a unique large loss claim on the key peninsula. There was both fire and water damage in a garage, and the attached laundry and kitchen needed cleaning ... READ MORE

Heavy post move out clean

At this specific property, we performed a general cleaning: floor to ceiling. The last tenant had occupied this home for a minimum of ten years. All fixtures an... READ MORE

Neighborly Mold Love

A close neighbor of ours called us with a mold concern in their car. We went to evaluate the situation and found the interior of their car completely taken over... READ MORE