Photo Gallery

Mold on a surface


This is a close up photo of mold in a car. This was due to a car freshener that burst and caused mold to grow everywhere inside the vehicle. We did our best to remediate the mold off of the car seats and surfaces. Again, cars are a case by case situation. We do our best to clean and sanitize thoroughly. 

Person in white jumpsuit

Full protection

Here is one of our employees suited up and helping a neighbor with a mold damage. Our Personal Protective Equipment helps us to keep safe while handling toxic materials. It protects our lungs, our skin and health. 

Fair booth table and two men

PEP-C Fair

Here our owner Matt is speaking with an attendee at our local PEP-C fair. PEP-C stands for the Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition, a group of passionate individuals helping to education our city on being prepared should a natural disaster take place. They provide educational classes and booths of local businesses helping you to be prepared for the worst. 

Person in jumpsuit with fogger

Proactive training

Here one of our employees is testing how our fogger works. This is her first time in a full suit and mask, we thought this would be a good time to prep our employees in the full gear in the case we get a job requiring a full suit clean up. The white jump suit is referred to as Personal Protective Equipment, it is for the safety of our employees who are a type of first responder when it is coming to the virus scare. 

Worker using a fog machine

Preparing and training

In our spare time we have been working on training and prepping our team. We have them suit up in their personal protective equipment (PPE) and we give them opportunities to practice handling a job in disinfecting. Here Makayla is using our fogger in a full protective suit. It was a great opportunity to see how the product comes out and what movements she needs to make to clean and disinfect properly.

ServprOXIDE bottle in front of a building

Local church sanitization

We were able to help disinfect a local church so that their doors could remain open for those who wished to attend a Sunday service. We sprayed SERVPROxide to fog the facility and wipe down flat surfaces. The congregation was very thankful and assured to walk into a clean facility during the virus pandemic. 

Bobble heads with a bottle of product


SERVPROxide is an EPA approved product made by SERVPRO for SERVPRO. It is a disinfectant that can used to clean and disinfect schools, retirement communities/facilities, hospitals, and other largely affected areas. It will leave no odor or residue. SERVPROxide is highly effective and we have product on hand ready to use. We are ready to help you with your disinfecting today.

Mold inside a car

Car mold

This car had an air freshener burst and mold developed inside the car, and within a weekend it was covered. Car mold cases are rare and can be a case by case situation. We were happy to help this neighbor and remove the covered car of the mold.

Balloons, man and woman

Happy Anniversary!

Fun Fact: we are celebrating 15 years of business this month!

SERVPRO of Gig Harbor/North Tacoma and SERVPRO of Mason County have been in the community since the 70's. Floyd Olson the first owner of our area location, later passing it over to his son Dave. In 2005 Carl Betcher purchased with his son Matt, who is now the operating owner. Having been in the Gig Harbor, North Tacoma, and Mason County communities for the last 40+ years we are happy to recognize the importance of keeping our family business within this special community. We are very thankful to all employees who believe in us and our purpose, and our mission. To the customers who have trusted us to help them thru their damage and make it "Like it never even happened" Thank you for the support and cheers to another 40+ years.

Employee in protective jumpsuit in tight quarters

Crawl space and our technicians

After a pipe broke under a home and the homeowners discovered mold growth within their home. Our trained and certified technicians were on the job. Quick to respond they fogged and treated the homes crawl space. Inside the house they removed effected materials, put up containment walls and treated affected areas. They also placed our specialized equipment in needed areas.

Swing for a Soldier SERVPRO team

Our golfers representing team SERVPRO at the 3rd Annual Swing for a Soldier.

Pictured: Vito DiSantos, H Adolphson, Nicole Betcher (marketer), Matt Betcher (Owner), and Tedd Wetherbee 

3rd Annual Swing for a Soldier

SERVPRO teamed up with local brewery Fox Island Brewery to serve up pretzels and beer to our golfers this year.

Pictured: Nicole Betcher (marketer), Courtney Dignam (Fox Island Brewery)


Our marketer loved the way the ice formed on one of our mitigation vans this past snow storm, our temperatures dropped and we had more snow than normal this 2019 winter.

Women in the SERVPRO workforce

Here are some pretty amazing women working in our office and on the field. They come into work everyday with a optimistic, 'can-do' attitude. Our crew wouldn't be the same without them.

Family in SERVPRO

Our business is run as a family with families in mind. Pictured here is Matt, Gidget, Nicole, Carl and Roxy Betcher.

Marketing Team

Nicole and Stephany work seamlessly together and are always on the same page. Their enthusiasm for the job and working one on one with people is proof that we are the best at what we do.

Family Owners

Here at SERVPRO Gig Harbor/N. Tacoma we are a family company.

Pictured here are Matthew and Carl Betcher owners and operators. Also pictured, Matt's daughters Gidget and Roxy.

Chamber Golf Tournament

Our marketers Stephany Burks (right) and Nicole Betcher (left) know how to host a golf tournament tent. Not only do they enjoy a good theme, but they enjoy getting to know the golfers and sharing what SERVPRO of Gig Harbor and North Tacoma do.