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Winter temperature drops

2/6/2019 (Permalink)

What to do when your Gig Harbor/North Tacoma home’s pipes freeze?

Locally owned and operated SERVPRO of Gig Harbor/North Tacoma takes pride in helping our local community in their time of need. When your Gig Harbor home’s pipes freeze you can count on SERVPRO of Gig Harbor/North Tacoma. We have 15 years of experience helping Gig Harbor and surrounding areas, homeowners after their pipes have frozen, thawed and then flooded their home. SERVPRO of Gig Harbor/North Tacoma will make it "Like it never even happened."

As we come into colder winter temperatures, we are all at risk of our pipes freezing and that can lead to pipes bursting. We have suggestions if you find that your pipes may be frozen, and list of suggestions on preventing pipes from freezing.

One of the first signs that you have a problem, and even possibly a frozen pipe, is no running water coming out of your faucets when you attempt to turn it on. If this does happen check to see that your home’s water supply is still turned on, and that there are no obvious leaks anywhere. If your search concludes that your pipes are more than likely frozen, but not yet burst, we recommend calling your local plumber to help thaw your pipes. This is a good path for those who are unsure if they can safely thaw pipes themselves or if you are unaware of where the frozen pipes are located/can’t access the area of the house where the pipes are frozen.

But we also want to help prevent frozen pipes, so be proactive and follow these recommendations:

  • Make sure all pipes that are exposed to the extreme temperatures are drained. This includes but not limited to swimming pool and exterior sprinkler system supply lines.
  • Disconnect any hoses from the exterior or your house. Drain the hoses and store them in the garage. Make sure that you keep your garage door closed at all times.
  • Insulate the area around light fixtures, vents, and exterior faucets. This helps prevent freezing temperatures from gaining access to your home.
  • Open cabinet doors that have plumbing running in them. This helps the warm air to circulate around the pipes, keeping them warm.
  • Allow your faucets to drip cold water on the coldest days. The movement will make it harder for the water to freeze inside the pipes.
  • In your house never let your thermostat fall below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Night and day make sure that your home’s temperature never dips below freezing. This is one of the leading causes of frozen pipes, people do not want to pay for heating their homes when they are not it their homes. BUT – turning your heater off could lead to a risky game of frozen pipe roulette. 
  • Check all exterior seals on windows, doors, garage doors, etc. and complete any necessary repairs to make sure no heat is escaping your house.

Frozen water pipes and the damage they can cause are a serious risk for people in areas that the temperatures dip below freezing, especially for an extended time period. When SERVPRO of Gig Harbor/North Tacoma responds to these types of claims we come prepared to help mitigate the damage and get your home back up and running as soon as possible. Because SERVPRO of Gig Harbor/North Tacoma is a local company we understand your concerns. because at the end of the day they are our concerns too. Give us a call with any questions or concerns you have about frozen pipes in your home or business 253-851-6711.

The Red Cross and SERVPRO

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO is a National sponsor with the Red Cross? Allow me to elucidate. The Red Cross is an organization that assists in emergency disaster relief. Here at SERVPRO we have an understanding when it comes to disasters and how to attend to them. Like Red Cross, we too are here to act and aid others in times of need. Our relationship with the Red Cross is to focus on the good- our partnership is surrounded by the idea and intention to help others in a time of need, not to appear opportunistic.

The Red Cross has been serving others in the US. Locally and globally for over 130 years. It is the largest humanitarian network in the world. They are the first to jump into action and aid those who are in serious need. Here at SERVPRO, we act very similarly- we have techs on duty 24hr, 365 days a year. No matter the type of disaster, we are prepared. You and your situation don’t have time to wait for Monday when your “water damage” or “fire damage” happened on Friday evening. We take your call and are out to your property within 1-2 hours with equipment to start right away. Our techs are knowledgeable, attentive listeners, hard workers and sensitive to this type of loss.

Our nation has been struck hard with natural disasters: Texas hurricane Harvey, Florida Irma and Jose, and fires in Montana, Oregon and Washington. It feels like nature is hitting and she is hitting us hard. The Red Cross not only aids those in need but they also have a Ready Rating program. This program is a free online tool to help schools, organizations and businesses to prepare for emergencies. If you’d like more information on this program please visit:

Here at SERVPRO Gig Harbor/N. Tacoma we love to help you prepare for the “What-if’s.” In fact, we will be present at this month’s Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition Fair. This event will feature many booths to help educate you and your family on readiness. Stop by our booth and we are happy to give you check lists or handouts to help you and your family, business, school, or commercial building be ready.

We are proud partners with the American Red Cross and want our brand to be as recognized and appreciated for the type of work we do, such as the Red Cross. SERVPRO wants to aid, help, repair and make your natural disasters “Like it never even happened.”

If you’d like to make your contribution to the American Red Cross to help our Gulf Coast, they are working endlessly to help this effected area. Please consider donating at

Fall into September Preparedness

9/18/2017 (Permalink)

September Is Preparedness Month

Welcome to September! It’s getting a tad chillier outside, the leaves are turning, school is back into swing, and I don’t know about you, but I am getting back into a schedule. After three months of soaking up the sun and being gone to make the best of summer with the family, I am ready to get back to a somewhat normal routine. Think of this as a syllabus for the upcoming fall and winter semester. Use this as a checklist or a “to-do” reference.

With the impending cooler months ahead of us, it’s time to take advantage of the nicer weather and make your rounds. Meaning, walk the perimeter of your home, check crawl spaces, outside hose spouts, gutters, roof, windows, etc.

Your crawl space is an easy place for critters to escape into. It has insulation, so it’s a little warmer than outside, and it’s easy to access. These pesky critters will take apart your insulation and make nice beds and homes out of this, lucky you!

Outside spouts, be sure to make sure they are not leaking. With freezing months, this is cause and effect of a burst pipe. That is not a pretty or easy clean up.

Let’s take a trip- safely- up to your roofline. Walk your roof and examine any nearby trees. Are their limbs hanging over your house? Should they be trimmed? The answer is Yes. Big branches tend to break with our windy winter months, leading to a temporary sunroof in your upstairs bedroom. Branches also serve as a type of highway for those great critters we mentioned above. They can come and go from their tree, onto your roof and into your attic space. Darn those furry nuances! How are your roots looking for your trees? Are they protruding from the ground, are the roots dead? These are some things that should be looked at and possibly evaluated by a professional.

While you’re up there, peek into your gutters and examine, if you can…are they clear? Or are they full of foliage and muck? Keeping gutters clean and clear is kind of important. Okay, really important. If your excess rain water can’t filter into the downspout it will cause over flow and you’ve now got a water damage waiting to happen.

Your windows are the gateway to moisture and mold. Have you noticed any condensation on your windows and wonder if those little black specks are pepper or maybe small signs of mold? Remember not all mold is bad, and not all mold needs to be cleaned by a professional. You can take the proper steps to procure that.

I know this is a lot of information and it is a little bit of work. Trust me when I say this, this little bit of follow up in and around your home is worth it to avoid a damage that would take time for a professional to come and clean up the true unfortunate disaster.

If your still unsure how to go about preparing for fall and winter, I have got a great opportunity for you.

Learn, prepare, protect yourself and your family at the Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition Fair.This event features: classes, booths with materials, samples and hands on demonstrations, suitable for adults and children of all ages.

Learn to prepare, protect you and your family from some of the below options:

* First aid

* Insuring against disaster 

* Emergency food store(s) venders

* Women's self-defense training 

AND much more.....

**FREE to the public**

Saturday September 30th, 2017


Gig Harbor High School

5101 Rosedale St. NW

Gig Harbor WA 98332

Follow them on Facebook: @PEP-C Gig Harbor


SERVPRO will have a booth there. We look forward to seeing you there.

When life throws you rain, sport your rain boots and jump in some puddles!

9/18/2016 (Permalink)

Splashing in puddles can be fun but not when it's in your downstairs basement.

When Storms or Floods hit Gig Harbor/N. Tacoma, SERVPRO is ready!

SERVPRO of Gig Harbor/N. Tacoma specializes in storm and flood damage restoration. Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response:
Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms:
When storms hit Gig Harbor or North Tacoma, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

We know your personal rain storm is not the ideal circumstance. That is why our trained staff will help clear away those storm clouds and bring the sun back into your everyday lives.

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today: