What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Colton was awesome!

Very awesome & polite team members! Positive experience. 

Extremely helpful & communication was great. I always felt confident in their work. 

We had a water leak happen in our kitchen at the end of last summer. We had to have mold mitigation taken care of. Our first call was to SERVPRO and we are so happy about that. They sent their crew out and they got to work. It ended up being a bigger job than they originally thought and they made this stressful experience so smooth and easy. Their crew was always respectful and on time. Our biggest rave would be about how clean it was. They ensured to clean up after themselves and to keep the dust down to a minimum. We would recommend SERVPRO for sure and know we would choose them again in a heartbeat.

I had water from my refrigerator that flooded my hall and kitchen. SERVPRO came out right away. Chris and his team were great!

Excellent courteous professionals!

Excellent company! Very professional! Highly recommend! Colton did a wonderful job. I have already recommended him to our neighbors. 

Great job! Always checking up on the situation. 

The service is exceptional and I truly felt like everyone really cared. I very much appreciate this company! Hire 5 more Coltons.

Great job- as above I would have this crew at my property ANY time, thank you.

Very professional technician, a pleasure to have him in our home.

I was very satisfied with the work Colton provided. Great person to work with.

Colton was great! Very knowledgeable and efficient service, thank you Colton.

Give everyone who came over a raise, they were great!

The staff who worked in my condo were pleasant and efficient.

The office staff (since I phoned several times) always answered my questions or concerns efficiently.

I am very happy with the professionals who came into our home and worked at making it safe for my family again. They really went the extra mile for us.

They did what needed to be done, without disturbing our surroundings.

Satisfied with the first stage of this project, the demolition.

We really appreciate the work you did, but hope we never have to call again. (Smiley face)

Fantastic job and courteous employees.

I recently experienced water damage due to a slow dripping faucet behind my refrigerator.   The damage encapsulated half of the  cork flooring in the entry hall and leaked under the rug in the entry hall.  This apparently had been going on for a number of weeks, as the drops were small, but continual, and finally came to a head with the water showing in the seams of the flooring.

After calling my insurance company to report the damage, PEMCO suggested I contact their appraiser, who had SERVPRO on the job the next day.  Mike Bruno arrived at time scheduled,  removed the damaged areas.....of wall, rug pad and cork flooring. Since black mold had taken root he cleaned the areas well, was efficient and professional and answered questions I had re: black mold!

Mike was professional, efficient and always answered my questions, on matter how insignificant they may have been to him.  When finished, he would clean the area well, and leave it in pristine shape.  I strongly recommend SERVPRO

"My family home, a 120 year old home was listed for sale at the time. The hot water tank leaked through the upstairs and onto the main level, down to the basement. The response time was critical, SERVPRO's response time was HUGE. Within two hours they (SERVPRO) were on site, fans going and they got everything done. What I liked about SERVPRO was the response time, the customer service was huge, the family atmosphere, and they cared…they were taking care of family.”