Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Green air mover

Up to date equipment

Here at SERVPRO, we understand the importance of operating with an up to date good equipment. We perform regular routine equipment check ups, cleaning and plugging all in to make sure each piece operates to our performance standards.  

SERVPRO green generator

Commercial fire and the tools for it

For this job we were able to help a two level gym. SERVPRO mitigated their fire and water damage. We provided to them our heavy duty generator to provide power throughout the building. This gave us opportunity to use all the equipment to safely and thoroughly dry out this building. 

Mold on a surface


This is a close up photo of mold in a car. This was due to a car freshener that burst and caused mold to grow everywhere inside the vehicle. We did our best to remediate the mold off of the car seats and surfaces. Again, cars are a case by case situation. We do our best to clean and sanitize thoroughly. 

Person in white jumpsuit

Full protection

Here is one of our employees suited up and helping a neighbor with a mold damage. Our Personal Protective Equipment helps us keep safe while handling toxic materials. It protects our lungs, our skin and health. 

Worker using a fog machine

Preparing and training

In our spare time we have been working on training and prepping our team. We have them suit up in their personal protective equipment (PPE) and we give them opportunities to practice handling a job in disinfecting. Here Makayla is using our fogger in a full protective suit. It was a great opportunity to see how the product comes out and what movements she needs to make to clean and disinfect properly.

Women in the SERVPRO workforce

Here are some pretty amazing women working in our office and on the field. They come into work everyday with a optimistic, 'can-do' attitude. Our crew wouldn't be the same without them.