Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Removed wood flooring, green piece of equipment

Outside water leak

This room was one of three affected after an upstairs toilet overflowed. Causing a water damage in a bathroom, bedroom (as pictured) and the ceiling in a living area. We removed affected areas, treated those areas and placed specialty equipment.

Green air mover, removed drywall

Outside water leak

An outside water leak crept into the home, and through the walls. There was standing water beneath the house from this leak for two weeks. The dinning room wall and floor, and garage wall were the areas we helped treat. Removing affected materials and treating with proper drying.  

Stairwell and a hose

Any situation

Whether your downstairs, upstairs or main level is flooded with standing water, our crew can extract and dry affected areas. We evaluate each situation and take the needed steps to help you recover from your storm disaster as quick as possible. 

Standing water

Standing water

After our area the PNW experienced a large storm, we had multiple calls of customers needing help with standing water. Our technicians were able to respond swiftly and extract the standing water.

Fair booth table and two men

PEP-C Fair

Here our owner Matt is speaking with an attendee at our local PEP-C fair. PEP-C stands for the Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Coalition, a group of passionate individuals helping to education our city on being prepared should a natural disaster take place. They provide educational classes and booths of local businesses helping you to be prepared for the worst. 


Our marketer loved the way the ice formed on one of our mitigation vans this past snow storm, our temperatures dropped and we had more snow than normal this 2019 winter.